International pilgrimage to Fatima

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Ten Kenyan faithful, including Fr. James NGARURO, went to attend the international pilgrimage of the SSPX in Fatima these 19 & 20 August 2017.
They have joined the African group organised by Fr. Antony ESPOSITO, with nationals from South Africa (16), Zimbabwe (9), Reunion Island (2) and Uganda (1), for a two week trip to various sanctuaries in France and Spain before reaching Fatima.
In Fatima, this group of 38 people have found:

  • the Africa District Superior, Fr. Henry WUILLOUD,
  • Brother Rémy, who came on his own with his family,
  • the Kenyan seminarians John MWANGI and Joseph MANYEKI, who are currently studying at Holy Cross Seminary in Goulburn, Australia,
  • 4 Missionary Sisters of Jesus and Mary, who travelled on their own from Nairobi,
  • Sister Martha, a Kenyan Oblate posted in Switzerland
  • a larger group of about 65 pilgrims who came from Gabon,
This makes a total of more than 100 African pilgrims who took place in this international pilgrimage!

Little collection of anecdotes: Children teach their parents lessons often!

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It is amusing to see that a well-learned lesson in catechism sometimes benefits parents as well as children. It is parents themselves, who tell us how their children often remind them of their religious duties.
A few short anecdotes:
One mother tells us that, since her child has became a student at Holy Cross, they do family prayers every single night. It is the child who demands that they be done!
Another child, jumping into a taxi with his mother, makes the sign of the cross and begins a prayer: "Mum, we must never get in a car without saying a prayer for the trip, accidents can happen so quickly!"
Another mother discovered the existence of Purgatory. It was her daughter who explained it to her. Since then, the mother often examines her conscience and makes very exemplary efforts to live a Christian life! And as for her daughter, she will one day know how to face the Protestants.
Another, more theological student, explained to her mother that there are two hells: "Yes, mum, when one says that Jesus descended into hell, he did not go to see the devil!"
As for modesty, we do not make it a habit of insisting strict guideline on dress codes; but rather we follow the well-known missionary principle of initially welcoming people into the Church as they are in order to attract them to the Faith. But with children, Faith is put into practice almost automatically. A Mum was getting ready to go out shopping in fairly flimsy clothes and her child stated: "But, Mum, you can't go out in pajamas, it's offensive to the Good Lord!"
Another day, a child who had not attended the daily rosary with his classmates - no doubt due to unfinished class work or a visit to the sick bay, refused to leave the school without praying his rosary. When his mother came to look for him at home time, he declared: "Wait, Mum, I cannot leave school without saying my rosary!" He immediately went to the chapel, and his mother had to wait for her little boy to say his rosary all on his own. Do you think she got impatient? No not at all! The following day she congratulated the Sisters: "Since our children started in your school, they know how to pray!"

The new District Superior visiting the Masai

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The new District Superior is a Swiss priest, Rev. Fr. Henry WUILLOUD. Worthy son of his native country, he likes the mountains and beautiful Swiss music with its famous and joyous "yodelling".
He came to visit the Kenyan priory in March. Apart from his joy in discovering our great mission and school, he had a chance to discover the Masai people in the countryside surrounding Nairobi. After two hours driving through roads and paths, and another hour walking amongst the hills; we arrived in a Masai village, where the Chief together with his wives and children, but also with his donkeys, sheep and many cows; welcomed us with his favourite meal, a freshly braised lamb!
It is so rare for a priest to visit the Masai people  as they are so attached to their culture and so far from the things of the Christian Faith. Nevertheless, they will surely keep good memories of our visit, and thanks to Fr. Wuilloud because the Maasai children have learned to "yodelling" in the green pasturage of the Kenyan hills!

Building goes ahead!

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While the pupils have taken possession of the six classrooms in the northern wing of the new building, the work still goes ahead on the site. Yes, the construction is not yet finished!
On the first floor, we are finishing a 7th classroom, as well as an office and a staffroom. On the second floor, we must complete an apartment for our three dear Sisters, who are currently still camping in a provisional classroom on the ground floor. Finally, we must finish the outside plastering and painting of the walls.
Our supervisor Joseph is still around, who is working hard every day; though with a smaller team of workers!
The project still goes ahead, and every day we are presented with challenges and rewards!

Prizing day

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School photograph

In February, we were honoured to receive a visit from Rev. Fr. Niklaus PFLUGER, First Assistant General of the Society of St Pius X. It was a great opportunity to take a beautiful photograph in front of the new building! Here we are, the beautiful family of Holy Cross Academy: 12 teachers and 130 pupils, all under the paternal supervision of the Priests, Brother and Sisters!

Some days later, before the mid-term holiday, the Head Mistress proclaimed the pupils' results and rewarded the best students with some prizes!

The Head Mistress amongst her pupils

Head Mistress Pamela is rewarding a good student

The Excitement of New Learning Facilities

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Deputy Head Teacher Josaphat teaching class 4
What a pleasure it is to be learning in the new classrooms of Holy Cross Academy! What happiness is in the children’s eyes! What a peace of mind!

Every morning, the school opens at 7 o'clock, the teachers are already here to help the pupils in revising their lessons, while some staff and pupils attend the morning low Mass. At 8 o'clock, it’s time for assembly and morning prayers; thereafter, the teaching begins. A Kenyan tea is served at around 10 am; afterwards, lectures commence till noon. During lunch, the Sisters serve the children and teach them how to behave while eating. The pupils keep quiet, while they listen to some beautiful music during the meal. After lunch, the Sisters play with the children during the long afternoon break. The lectures continue from 2 to 4 pm.  Finally, the oldest pupils remain at school until 5:30 pm; studying their lessons under the supervision of their teachers.

Teacher Millicent teaching class 1

The Class 6 pupils are showing the good example

New school year: Sursum corda!

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Head Mistress Pamela
On this 4th January 2017, a new school year started in Kenya, and Holy Cross Academy opened its 6th primary class. God willing, we shall open class 7 in 2018 and class 8 in 2019. For now, the six classes are taking place inside the six classrooms of the new building.
This new year starts with a change in the school management. Since its foundation in 2013, with its 20 pupils; the Holy Cross Academy never ceased to grow, finishing up 2016 with 90 pupils. Today, we count about 130 pupils. The small school has become much larger!
Teacher Pamela, the new Head Mistress, is a lady of a great experience. During the past 16 years, she has been the deputy head teacher of Donholm Catholic School, one of the most reputed schools in Kenya.
She is assisted by her Deputy, Teacher Josaphat and seven other teachers. Three teachers take care of the kindergarten, together with some trainees who are pursuing their studies part time. The six other teachers are devoting the best of their capacities to teach the primary classes.
The beige and brown uniform you have seen until now on the pictures, is now replaced by a yellow shirt, red shorts or skirt, and a grey fleece jacket embroidered with the school coat of arms.
New year, new pupils, new teachers, new management, new uniform, new building! Holy Cross Academy is becoming a high standard school!
To all of you, we wish you a happy and fruitful year 2017!

Teachers' staff of Holy Cross Academy

Merry Christmas!

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The Fathers, Brother and Sisters
of the Society of St Pius X in Kenya
wish you a
Blessed and Merry Christmas
and a
Happy and Holy New Year 2017!
They offer you their best wishes
and support you with their prayers to the Child Jesus!

Thank you everybody!

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Before 2016 comes to an end, we would like to thank everyone very warmly who helped us to carry on with Holy Cross Academy project.

You have been so supportive to hear our call and to come to our aid. Some of you have been very generous, both in Kenya and in other parts of the world.

Thanks to your contribution, the school construction is almost finished. The small wing of the building is still incomplete, but we'll resume work in January 2017. Nevertheless, the heaviest part of the construction of now behind us, though a year ago we were really wondering how to go ahead!

This success, which we wish to share with you, is a pure miracle! We owe it to your generosity. Thanks to you all who have supported the project with their alm givings! Thanks to you all who have prayed and are still praying for the Kenyan Mission! Thanks to you all who have simply expressed their friendly sympathy in various manners when you received our newsletters and pictures! Your spiritual, financial and friendly support has been so precious for our perseverance in this project!

Our gratitude must be raised up to St Joseph. On 1st May this year, we have put the construction site under his patronage and protection. We even dared to place his statue at the place of the Sacred Heart! Saint Joseph graciously heard and has assisted us this far beyond our expectations. May He be blessed in eternity!

Missionary Sisters' Taking of Habit (end)

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You can find here some more pictures of the ceremony of the religious profession and taking of habit on 21st November, by the Missionary Sisters of Jesus and Mary.