The Sisters' and teachers' devotion to Holy Cross Academy

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Sister Clara with her class 2 students
The first term of 2016 already comes to an end. At Holy Cross Academy, the children are writing their term exams.
Gently and joyfully, Fr. Peter, the School Director, has disposed everything needed for a good discipline: the ringing bell with its exact alarm clock, the classical music during the meals, the gaming area where the children can let off steam during recreation times... so many things that helps the children to keep calm and concentrate during the classes!
The five Kenyan teachers have never been so happy to teach! Two ladies teach the 3 Kindergarten classes, while a gentleman and two other ladies teach the 5 Primary classes. Everyone shows so much enthusiasm to have the best teaching skills!

The Missionary Sisters devote themselves completely to the various tasks, sometimes unnoticed, but so necessary for the good discipline and the good spirit of a school. They supervise the children's behaviour during meals, the tidiness of their clothes, the good Christian Charity in the recreation field. Every day, they lead the Morning Prayer in the chapel, and then give a catechism lesson in each classroom. And everybody, even the teachers themselves, enjoy to join them for the midday Rosary in front of the grotto!

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