Thank you everybody!

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Before 2016 comes to an end, we would like to thank everyone very warmly who helped us to carry on with Holy Cross Academy project.

You have been so supportive to hear our call and to come to our aid. Some of you have been very generous, both in Kenya and in other parts of the world.

Thanks to your contribution, the school construction is almost finished. The small wing of the building is still incomplete, but we'll resume work in January 2017. Nevertheless, the heaviest part of the construction of now behind us, though a year ago we were really wondering how to go ahead!

This success, which we wish to share with you, is a pure miracle! We owe it to your generosity. Thanks to you all who have supported the project with their alm givings! Thanks to you all who have prayed and are still praying for the Kenyan Mission! Thanks to you all who have simply expressed their friendly sympathy in various manners when you received our newsletters and pictures! Your spiritual, financial and friendly support has been so precious for our perseverance in this project!

Our gratitude must be raised up to St Joseph. On 1st May this year, we have put the construction site under his patronage and protection. We even dared to place his statue at the place of the Sacred Heart! Saint Joseph graciously heard and has assisted us this far beyond our expectations. May He be blessed in eternity!

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