Little collection of anecdotes: Children teach their parents lessons often!

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It is amusing to see that a well-learned lesson in catechism sometimes benefits parents as well as children. It is parents themselves, who tell us how their children often remind them of their religious duties.
A few short anecdotes:
One mother tells us that, since her child has became a student at Holy Cross, they do family prayers every single night. It is the child who demands that they be done!
Another child, jumping into a taxi with his mother, makes the sign of the cross and begins a prayer: "Mum, we must never get in a car without saying a prayer for the trip, accidents can happen so quickly!"
Another mother discovered the existence of Purgatory. It was her daughter who explained it to her. Since then, the mother often examines her conscience and makes very exemplary efforts to live a Christian life! And as for her daughter, she will one day know how to face the Protestants.
Another, more theological student, explained to her mother that there are two hells: "Yes, mum, when one says that Jesus descended into hell, he did not go to see the devil!"
As for modesty, we do not make it a habit of insisting strict guideline on dress codes; but rather we follow the well-known missionary principle of initially welcoming people into the Church as they are in order to attract them to the Faith. But with children, Faith is put into practice almost automatically. A Mum was getting ready to go out shopping in fairly flimsy clothes and her child stated: "But, Mum, you can't go out in pajamas, it's offensive to the Good Lord!"
Another day, a child who had not attended the daily rosary with his classmates - no doubt due to unfinished class work or a visit to the sick bay, refused to leave the school without praying his rosary. When his mother came to look for him at home time, he declared: "Wait, Mum, I cannot leave school without saying my rosary!" He immediately went to the chapel, and his mother had to wait for her little boy to say his rosary all on his own. Do you think she got impatient? No not at all! The following day she congratulated the Sisters: "Since our children started in your school, they know how to pray!"

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