History of SSPX in Kenya

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19 May 2005. Baptism ceremony in Karen by Fr. Nouveau
The Society of St Pius X was established in Kenya on 3rd September 2003 by Rev. Fr. Anthony ESPOSITO, the first prior, and Rev. Fr. GRÜN. They had a very simple life at the beginning. The priory was only a hut in a faithful’s property. The chapel was another hut beside.
In April 2004, Fr. Esposito managed to purchase a property in Karen where he settled the first priory. Though, exhausted by so much work for the settlement of the priory, he had to leave Kenya in June 2004 and was replaced by Rev. Fr. Christophe NOUVEAU, who became the prior until 2014. For four years he received the support of the valiant Fr. Denis BEDEL.
In 2005, Fr. Nouveau purchased a plot in Lavington, a nice suburb closer to the city centre, and also very close to the slum of Kawangware, where the priests already used to give catechism to some poor families. This geographical situation opens great perspectives to reach all social classes of the Kenyan society.
On the same year, Fr. Nouveau built a chapel on that plot, though with a very tight budget. The chapel was blessed on 20th March 2006 by H.E. Bishop Bernard FELLAY and is named Holy Cross Church.

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