Camp & retreat in Kiserian

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Wishing to prepare the young people of the parish to manage the future camps for boys or girls, we have organised a few day camp at the beginning of December. Half training camp, half Ignatian retreat.
During five days, Fr. Champroux went with six young men in a beautiful compound disposed to us in the countryside. Four Sisters came with him in order to take care of the nine young girls. The boys and the girls met only for the morning Mass and for the spiritual conferences. A first conference was given in the morning at 9, followed by a 15 mn meditation. The same was done in the afternoon between 4 and 5. For the evening prayer, they sang Complines. In a few days, our young people received the main steps of the Ignatian retreat. It was the first retreat that Fr. Champroux preached in English! Honestly, he made it quite well!
Three members of the Scout Organisation of Kenya came on the camp site and organised a day of initiation to the Scout method. Each one of the 30 participants (all the sisters & postulants joined the training) received their Initiation Training Certificate. This is a first step to have qualified people to take care of the children of the priory during the future camps. Kenya is very attentional about childhood!

The six boys showed themselves profoundly prayerful and very helpful! The confreres who have been in Kenya before us made a very good work on their altar boys! The girls are expecting the coming soon of the Sisters at the priory: this will be a great benefice for their souls!

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