The Three Sisters

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Today, we have received from our Superiors the good news that three Missionary Sisters of Jesus and Mary will establish their first foundation at Holy Cross Priory in Lavington, Nairobi. Sister Irene of Jesus, Superior, will come with Sister Helen Mary and Sister Clara.
As the building of the school is not finished yet, the Sisters will rent a small house in the neighbourhood from the month of January 2016. When the construction will go on, we'll prepare a special flat for the Sisters at the 3rd floor of the school.
The Sisters' apostolate will consist essentially in taking care of the children. There is so many of them here! The children of the school, those of the families of the parish, those who come for catechism on Saturday or for patronage on Wednesday... So far, so good, the Sisters will attract so many of them!
During holidays, every Wednesday, the Sisters organise a patronage with various activities like rosary or Holy Mass but also crayoning and games. And every Saturday during the year, they teach catechism, after Holy Mass and school tuitions.

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