Launching the construction work!

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This Monday morning, a new team full of joy and energy has started working again on the construction site of Holy Cross Academy. The construction manager is a German and his name is Josef. He has valuable experience and a heart rich of generosity! Under his sweet authority, the team of about ten masons and artisans will improve their skills!

The first step is water and electricity connection. A caterpillar is hired to open trenches and to put the various water pipes and electric wires.
A water tank of eight thousand litres is put on a slab built on the ground. Then water pump is connected to fill up the six thousand litre tank under the roof.
The electrician replaces the meter, checks the amperage of the various machines, and makes control panel with the various fuses.

Meanwhile, the architect and the engineer are finishing the plans and drawings, before submitting them to City Hall for approval. It’s almost done!

Stones, cement bags, sand, and the concrete mixer are delivered. The scaffolding is coming soon. Well, everything is ready!

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