Corpus Christi Procession

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The Kenyan faithful have endeavoured to offer the most beautiful ceremony in honour of the Blessed Eucharist, in this Corpus Christi feast day. For the first time, the church was overcrowded. Some extra benches were put outside to give chance to anyone attending the High Mass. The Missionary Sisters from the Noviciate in Karen have joined the choir to sign the Gregorian chant.

During the Holy Mass, 16 children and adults have received the First Holy Communion.
At the end of the Mass, the Blessed Sacrament has been carried in procession in the area around the priory, known as Kawangware. Most of our parishioners live in this area, and they were very proud to receive Jesus’s visit in their home place.

The first altar of repose was settled in the courtyard of the small house where our three sisters live, in the midst of this area. The second altar was in the school hall.

The Priests, Brother, Sisters, the children of the catechism classes and of the school, all the faithful, young and old, have participated to celebrate the most wonderful procession in honour of the Most Blessed Sacrament!

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