Masonry work at Holy Cross Academy

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Four masons, one concrete mixer operator, eight assistants and five stone cutters: these are the working staff erecting walls on two floors for almost two months now.
Yellow, red and blue stones come directly from the quarry. The cutters cut them with delicacy. Each one lines up to 40 feet of cut stones at the end of each day.
Meanwhile, George operates the concrete mixer, calculating the exact proportion of cement and sand. This precise mixture will make the whole building strong and solid.
The eight workers bring all the stones up to the first, and then the second floor. They also bring up the concrete buckets and the water pots.
Upstairs, the four masons Charles, Steven, Kilonzo and Wycliffe receive all these materials and build up the walls, stone after stone on the aligned plumb line, perfectly straight.
Some mistakes may happen at times, but not so often. In this case, some plain of a wall may be destroyed and rebuilt on the next day. Do, undo and redo is always work in progress!
One, two, and eventually seven classrooms are taking shape. An additional room will be the teachers’ meeting area. Three bedrooms will be for sisters’ accommodation.
Of course, the pupils do not enter the construction site. Nevertheless, they are very observing the progress of the building of their school…

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